The Least Expensive Bluetooth Earbuds

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We confess, Wireless headphones usually are quite high dollar as compared to ordinary earbuds. The common set usually are just about $100. The actual technology utilized to continue to keep a lot of these wireless products small is not affordable to create. But you will find several economical choices available on the market that also give you good quality audio at a small fraction of the cost.

Our top rated pick for the very best low-cost Bluetooth earbuds is certainly the GOgroove AudioACTIVE Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth Earbud Headset. This attractive Bluetooth headset is actually presented by GOgroove, a leading maker of wireless products including in-car Bluetooth adapters and wireless speakers.

Although theoretically not true earbuds, this unique Bluetooth headset has a truly minimal profile and is also ideal for an active lifestyle. Over-the-ear headsets are incredibly steady, which means they’ll stay in your ears through most arduous of undertakings, that include working out, bike riding, or even boxing. The AudioACTIVE is produced with durable material so that it can easily tolerate a beating. Take these earbuds with you on your next trek or off-road outing.

The GOgroove AudioACTIVE Bluetooth Earbud Headset requires rechargeable batteries, as virtually all Bluetooth headsets do. The charge lasts for up to seven Hours of continual use on 1 charge. Ample time for a couple drawn out gym sessions as well as outings to the beach. The set powers up by way of AC adapter or right through your home computer with the included USB cable. The USB cable is really important because the product has a proprietary connection therefore you will not be able to utilize a conventional micro or mini cord.

One key characteristic of this specific gadget is actually the built-in microphone for the purpose of hands-free calling. The headset provides built-in controls for taking phone calls, volume level, plus managing the playback of the music. The controls are located on the headphones on the right ear. They can be a little bit challenging to get to plus it will take a little time to get accustomed to them, but yet when you memorize the actual arrangement of each and every button, it will become very simple to use.

While the sound quality isn’t quite up to par with more high-priced Bluetooth earbuds, it’s the finest amid other lower priced wireless headphones. The system comes with Bluetooth v2.1 therefore it ought to be suitable for many recent gadgets. It pairs effectively and automatically using equipment compatible with Bluetooth v2.1 or higher.

Now these earbuds are selling for less than $40, and this value is only certain to drop as time passes. This implies if you’ve held off on purchasing Wireless earbuds as a result of cost, here is your chance to experience the difference wireless can make!

Bluetooth in the Car

Convenience and ease has become a necessary part of driving in the modern day. Drivers want to be able to use their cell phones while driving but holding a phone to your ear is not all that safe. Causing an accident is not something that anyone wants. There are better ways to use these types of devices in a safe and responsible manner. Bluetooth is a terrific innovation, one that enables drivers to speak to someone on the phone via a wireless device such as a headset. Many vehicles come with Bluetooth capabilities already installed and ready to go. But you can also add your own Bluetooth into your current vehicle if it is lacking that feature.

Most Bluetooth users opt for a headset or an ear piece that easily clips onto the ear. A wireless signal is used for sending the incoming call from the cell phone to the headset. There is a button on the headset which allows the user to both accept and disconnect a phone call. It is pretty much up to you which type of headset you use. Some people prefer the ear piece because it is easier to conceal while others like a full headset. Many cell phones come with a headset but they can be purchased separately for a relatively low price.

Some people really do not like the use of the headsets or they find it annoying. If this is the case you can actually install your Bluetooth so that the sound comes out of the car radio speakers instead. This will broadcast the phone call throughout the car though which means that your passengers will be able to hear it. When it comes to finding accessories and items that are made for use with Bluetooth, always check the packaging for labels that state that it is Bluetooth enabled. This means it has the wireless capabilities that are required for using Bluetooth correctly.

Another option is to get a handy Bluetooth speaker phone that can be clipped onto the sun visor in your vehicle. Some of these devices can also be mounted on your dash. Sometimes you will need some assistance with the installation. Make sure to seek out the skill of a professional when it comes to wiring anything in your vehicle. Do not try to do it yourself unless you understand what needs to be done. Making a mistake could prove damaging if something is not done correctly.

If your cell phone allows the use of voice commands, then you can easily make a call with your Bluetooth just by saying a name for it to call. Everything is done hands free. As far as consumer complaints go, most of it centers around the poor audio quality of many of these Bluetooth accessories. Pay close attention to this if audio quality is important to you. Read over the fine print and look up consumer reviews regarding certain products. Bluetooth is perfect for doing business on the go or keeping your hands free for driving.




Bluetooth Development and Applications

Bluetooth, simply explained, is a wireless protocol that connects several devices to each other by exchanging data over short distances between them. Think of it as a connected circle of technologies. Bluetooth uses radio technology which slices up the data being transmitted from one device, and sends out portions of it to the other, on up to 79 frequencies.

The potential for Bluetooth Applications are huge. One of the earliest applications is the wireless control between a cell-phone and a hands-free headset. Now we have:

o Wireless communication between computers in a confined space.
o Wireless communication with computer I/O devices like the mouse and keyboard.
o Transfer of data, contact information, reminders and schedules between devices with OBEX.
o The replacement of the older wired serial communication with wireless communication in medical and test equipment, traffic control devices, GPS devices, etc.
o Wireless gateway between Industrial Ethernet Networks.
o Wireless controllers for gaming devices, such as Sony play station, Nintendo’s Wii, etc.
o Wireless Internet connections.
o Wireless Bluetooth enable hoardings that send advertisements to one another.

Bluetooth has now come into various products like telephones, gaming consoles, high-tech watches, headsets and modems. It is also commonly used when transferring sound information with telephones and byte information with computers.

There are various technology development centers that focus on Bluetooth Development. Bluetooth Development includes applications for software and hardware development solutions, for automotive hands-free devices, wireless speakers, headsets, cell phone accessories, medical devices, internet radio, computer accessories and voice recognition devices, among others.
There are a few things that Bluetooth designers need to keep in mind that are critical to the Bluetooth development process:

o Module vs. Chip set – Taking of chips and designing them on the PCB, thus saving on footprint.
o Antennas – A good antenna is essential for Bluetooth products, as is the surrounding factors like casing and proximity to ground planes.
o Antenna Matching – Although an antenna is only one component, designing it in one given circuit requires the other circuits to optimize performance.
o Connectors – Working with a unit that has appropriate signals brought out on a connector.
o Crystal – All modules of any Bluetooth device must have on board crystal, which has an optimal bias level that minimizes the phase noise on the oscillator.

Bluetooth development is an ongoing process that is dedicatedly progressing with each passing day on the development of Bluetooth devices for smoother and easier ways to link up various devices to one another.

There are various Bluetooth Design tools such as Agilent, Cadence, Elanix, Highland Systems, IBM,, Virtio and Wireless Valley, which assists Bluetooth developers in embedding Bluetooth technology and designing it into brand new products. These Bluetooth Design tools are open modular framework dedicated to advanced network performance engineering.

Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset Review


Now that technology has made cell phones more popular than watches and handbags, you can’t go much of anywhere without seeing someone engaged in conversation with their hand plastered to their ear. This has become a bit of a problem since it ties up on of your hands and distracts you (while driving). That’s probably why the most popular accessory since the phone charger itself is now the “bluetooth headset”.

What Is a Bluetooth Headset?

Nearly all modern cell phones have “bluetooth” capatibility. Mobile phones equipped with bluetooth have the ability to create a “personal area network” or PAN. A PAN is a short-range radio frequency meant to connect small devices like cell phones, laptops, PC’s, digital cameras, printers, video game consoles, etc. So a bluetooth headset is just a small earpiece with a microphone that connects to your cell phone via this short range wireless frequency on your personal area network. Now you know why you see so many people walking around talking to themselves that look like they’re from the cast of Star Trek because of the futuristic device attached to their head.

What Makes a Good Bluetooth Headset?

A good bluetooth headset is comfortable and made out of quality materials that will last a long time. It has as decent battery life, and hopefully the audio quality doesn’t sound like a semi driving through a tunnel. There are two sides to quality audio and the first is the earpiece. What you hear while talking on the phone through the bluetooth headset is in part determined by the quality of that speaker in the earpiece itself. A very low quality sub-$20 earpiece you bought in a bargain store or flea market is likely to have very tinny audio due to the speaker quality. Without some decent bass and mid-range response you’re likely to have problems listening for any extended period of time. The largest factor of quality however lies in the microphone. It’s garbage in – garbage out they say, and you’ll only hear quality audio if that’s what the microphone picks up. The same for the person you’ve called, the audio they receive on their end is only as good as what your microphone picks up. Often, that quality is affected by your physical location. If you are in a car with an open window, in a subway station, or at a restaurant – the microphone is likely to pickup much more than your voice. In contrast, if it’s a nice sunny day at a quiet park or if you’re inside on your sofa the headset will likely have much better audio.

What is Noise Cancelling Technology?

Noise Cancelling Technology is where a headset attempts to differentiate between your voice and background noise. It then separates the two to the best of it’s ability, canceling out the noise and transferring along only your voice to make the audio quality cleaner. Of course this works with varying degrees of success from poor to stellar. Once again the quality of the noise canceling bluetooth headset (and price paid) are probably pretty good indicators of the audio quality produced. Noise cancelling in bluetooth headsets is also called “Digital Signal Processing” or DSP. Headsets with better noise canceling usually have more than one microphone (two or more) to be able to separate the noise better.

What are the Best Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headsets?

There are a handful that are simply exceptional and really stand out from the crowd you should take note of. I’ll tell you what makes each one unique.

The Eliph Jawbone
The Jawbone has been getting absolutely rave reviews since it was first shown at CES early 2008. The Wall Street Journal, c|Net, engadget, Financial Times, and Macworld all give it stellar reviews. On c|Net the user reviews are a bit lower than what the editor’s gave it, but all in all they are still above average. It uses “military grade” noise canceling technology. You can usually find it new for $80-100.

The Jabra BT800

There are online reviews of the Jabra BT800 going back as far as 2005, which means this headset has been out awhile. Jabra is the world’s largest maker or bluetooth headsets, largely because of their lower pricepoint compared to others on the market. The thing that makes the BT800 popular to this day is what sets it apart – the digital display for caller ID. This is a feature not found in nearly any other bluetooth headset. The DSP in this headset boasts both noise cancelling and echo cancelling. Admittedly since this unit has been out a few years, newer units like the Jawbone will have better DSP, but then again you can get the Jabra BT800 under $40-50 now.

The Blueant Z9

The Blueant Z9 bluetooth headset came on the market in 2007 and retails for about $100. It claims to have advanced noice cancellation that “preserves the natural voice”. They call this their “Voice Isolation Technology”. In addition this unit has 2 modes for noise cancellation, both standard and “Max”. I guess you could be at the market or in a dog kennel and having the options for extreme circumstance can’t be all that bad. It’s highly rated by most users at tech sites, in fact more highly rated that all the Motorola bluetooth headsets we viewed.

The Jabra 8040

The Jabra 8040 is brand new for 2008 and it has some new features as well that make it stand out. It has MultiPoint technology, which gives it the ability to connect to two different devices at the same time (very handy!). It also seems to be one of the only “mono” headsets on the market with A2DP technology for streaming music wirelessly. You usually only see A2DP in full headphones or speakers. It is listed as having intelligent volume settings, and active noise reduction, but also has “Acoustic Shock Protection” which supposedly protects your ear from sudden spikes in volume. For all these features this Jabra model seems to be a bargain compared to some of the high priced models at it’s modest Things to remember

If you’re in the market for a new bluetooth headset try to get the highest bang for your buck. Spending a little more might result in better audio quality or a more comfortable earpiece. Buying a headset with better DSP or noise cancelling will results in better conversations and more effective use with your cell phone. Shop around and find the best price, and your new noise canceling bluetooth headset may just become your top new must-have gadget and mobile accessory!

Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth Speaker-Phone Review

Not sure about you – but for me, trying to drive while chatting with my better half isn’t always easy. Juggling a phone on my ear while desperately trying to search for the cheapest gas station just isn’t for me. Of course there is a solution and if you’re like most people who don’t enjoy sticking anything in their ear [other than fingers of course], maybe it’s time to try a hands-free product such as the Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth Speaker.

Jabra SP5050 Speaker-phone

Design & Usability: This stylish and sleek speakerphone can be used on the go in any vehicle. It attaches to your sun-visor and can be setup within minutes of use. For those night-crawlers among us – the Jabra even goes into night driving mode turning off the LED allowing the driver to drive without a blue light blinking out the corner of his eye.

Battery: There are tons of good features about this hands-free device including the auto shut-off after 15 minutes of no-phone connection which preserves your battery life. The battery holds its own for approximately 6 hours talk time and 150 hours standby.

Compact: The SP5050 compact device is great for anyone who uses their phone often while driving, or simply for not getting fined. It not only allows you to keep up with the world but also keeps things safe. I have to admit I use it everywhere – I can be spotted sneaking it out my car into the office. This is one of those bluetooth speaker phones you hear about that actually works and is used quite often. Not to mention how great it is for working out, it’s amazing how fast a workout passes when you’re occupied while talking on the phone. Anyways this device gets dragged with me all around town, just because its light weight and easy to carry along almost anywhere.

Prices: Retail price runs at $99.00 at most stores. I snatched mine from JR a couple of months ago, actually caught it on sale at $80 which was a little over $20 in savings after taxes. After the purchase, I assumed it would take awhile to install but it was actually pretty simple; the instructions say “little to no installation” – right on the dot, took me only about 10 minutes to do. I bought it because I kept dropping my phone in the car. Finally decided it was too dangerous to drive without some kind of device to help take phone calls when my family & office are calling every ten minutes.

Cons: Like all products, including this Jabra, there is always some catch; the car-charger (which is included) is 3 feet long! It can often interfere with your driving depending on where you latch it. With the cord being so long it tangles easily, so make sure to charge while not-driving. About sound quality – it has great quality on the streets and urban areas. Once you hit the highways and freeways the noise inside the car reduces the sound quality a bit. But again this is something that I think goes with the territory and isn’t to blame on the device.

Summary: Personally other than the length of the charger I’m overall happy with my Jabra SP5050 compared to a few others I’ve used in the past. I also think the price is justified for this great product.

Accessories for iPhone 5 UsersSony Speakers For Your iPhone

iPhone 5 is a rage amongst technology users but often just after purchasing the gadget a user immediately starts looking for suitable accessories for it. Listed here are some accessory ideas that will amuse you and enhance your user experience with iPhone 5.

The adapter

This is the first time ever that the Apple has launched a connecter with its iPhone 5. It is the Lightning connector and it is different from the conventional 30-pin connector that was earlier used to charge the older version of iPhones and other Apple devices. This is probably the best to happen ever since the introduction of the new version of iPhone as the old accessories are not compatible in charging the new version. The chord and the pin are useless for the iPhone 5.

AirPlay speakers

For a music lover any new addition of accessory is a treat. For example getting hold of speakers that are compatible with your new iPhone, something that will help you enhance your music experience. in order to get the best of music you need speakers that are compatible with your device. AirPlay speakers are good option when it comes to sound quality and amplifying effect. However, if you want these then you need to shell out $200 as the starting range for this product, if you are willing to shell more then it can go up to $700. Remember that better quality comes at high cost. AirPlay is compatible with all the Apple devices including iTunes with Macs.

Bluetooth speakers

If you are wondering, about how expensive the speakers offered by AirPlay are then you might look for other options that are seemingly more affordable and budget friendly too. You may want to consider Bluetooth, this is an alternate option to the speakers offered by AirPlay. Additionally, even if you are not using all Apple accessories this still comes handy. You can use it across other brand devices too like your other Smartphones. Your older iPod Touch (spare the first generation), iPads and older versions of iPhones are just as compatible with it.

The only disappointment that you may face with Bluetooth is that the audio quality is not as good as that offered by AirPlay. Nonetheless, the difference in audio quality is slight that can be overlooked. Additionally, you will prefer shelling out $50 against what has been offered by AirPlay.

Bluetooth music receiver

If you already have an entire set up of a stereo then you can choose to get a Bluetooth receiver for it. You can choose to go with Belkin Bluetooth (Music Receiver) to enable music streaming to any divide via audio input. This also works well with paired speakers and costs $22.

Apple TV

Sharing content like pictures and videos on a big screen is an amazing experience within itself. You can easily do so if you purchase apple TV. It is only as costly as $99 that will include a box to enable you to purchase iTunes enabled video on your TV set. Additionally you will be able to synchronize it along with your iPhone 5 and other Apple devices too. Interestingly the technology of AirPlay will allow you stream content through Wi-Fi technology. this way you can easily incorporate movies, pictures and even games loaded on your iPhone 5 on to the big screen.

Photography Options

If clicking pictures is something that you like doing then you can choose to enhance your experience by opting for several lens at one go. You can attach these via apps or opt for physical senses. For example the physical lens case by iZZi Gadgets called Orbit. It gives you 3 lens option that can be added to your iPhone 5. First one offers 180 degree view with fish eye. Second offers 2X optical zoom functionality, and the third one offers 67x wide angle. Purchasing the whole case will cost you $239, you can also opt for single lens. Other options include Wide angle lenses and Telephoto lenses at $20 each. If you are keen on purchasing fish eye lens then you need to pay $25 only.

The above mentioned are just a few of the popular accessories for iPhone 5 available. However, there are horde of variety available in the market, you can choose according to your budget and your personal requirements.

Wireless Computer Speakers – Buying Guide

If you are not really altogether certain what you’re shopping for, below is some fundamental data on speaker features and the most typical varieties of wireless computer speaker designs.

2.0/2.1, 5.1, 7.1

These are the most common speaker set ups. The number pertains to the quantity of speakers in the arrangement. 2.0 – 2 satellite speakers, 2.1 – 2 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer, 5.1 – 5 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer, etc. The satellite speakers will play the full selection of audio frequency. While the sub will just play the low range, or bass, frequency. This is precisely why the sub is given the “.1″ designation.

2 speaker set ups, having or with out a sub, are possibly a suitable improvement for many people today. For people who largely merely watch the periodic online video, or listen to music while doing work, this is the way to go.

It will produce a pleasant enhancement in audio quality and is also the lowest priced solution. 5.1 and 7.1 surround set ups are for people who genuinely appreciate high quality audio. If your personal computer is the primary media player for your home, or office, this would also be a perfect option. If you watch a lot of movies, play games, or want to have music in numerous rooms, you’ll want to check out the 5.1 and 7.1 speaker reviews for the greatest package.

USB or Bluetooth

Whenever it comes to wireless computer speakers, presently there are at the moment 2 possibilities for transmitting the signal from your computer to the speakers, Rf USB and Bluetooth. Each are really easy to use, but some computers could possibly not be Bluetooth compatible. Most new desk top computers and laptops are, but it’s one thing that ought to be looked at prior to getting new wireless speakers. Both transmitters will be something, commonly simply a tiny drive, that will plug in a USB port on your computer.

With a Bluetooth transmitter, the signal is not going to be impacted by obstacles such as walls or furniture. With a standard RF USB transmitter this may reduce the sound quality. Typically with Bluetooth the range is also a lot larger permitting you to position your speakers outside if you like.

Bluetooth Speakers: Pump Up The Volume

Isn’t it amazing how almost everything nowadays can be made easier by the Bluetooth technology?

I’m sure everyone has already heard about Bluetooth. It became popular because it makes everything portable. That is why almost all manufacturers also tend to invest in this technological advancement. From devices for doing household chores to gadgets for our entertainment needs, Bluetooth has taken its place. And now, adding to the long list of these devices that will surely make our life more convenient are Bluetooth Speakers.

Bluetooth speakers are external speakers that you can use with your phone, mp3 player, and even with your laptop and personal computer. These speakers are designed to unceasingly stream audio signals whenever enabled. It is perfect for people who don’t have time for assembling complicated wires and such. And since it is portable, you are free to bring it with you anywhere you go, may it be indoors or outdoors. It is not only for personal use or for hands-free cellphone calls, like Bluetooth speakers were first known for; a lot of Bluetooth speakers nowadays can also be used for entertainment purposes like parties and other celebrations.

They are a breeze to setup. All you need to do is sync them with your music software and you’re ready to roll. No wires or additional setup required. No need to drill holes or spend your time trying to cover up your wires.

The question many might be asking is: does this produce high quality sound like regular speakers do? Of course, yes. You’ll even be surprised to know that Bluetooth speakers can surpass the sound quality of regular speakers – clearer, louder and better. You can also expect zero disturbances even when the source is blocked by something.

A down side to these speakers, like other Bluetooth powered devices, is they need a battery to work. It can last for more than a day when it is fully charged, contrary to what some say that it is inefficient and a waste of money because the batteries don’t last long.

The price of such speakers depends on the brand but they are all affordable. The speakers come in different sizes and colors; there are many out there which will surely suit your taste.

Considering its features and its efficiency, there is no questioning why this kind of speaker is popular in the market. It is also widely available online so there is no need to go out to purchase a pair at your local store.

So if you want a pumped up and convenient entertainment experience, Bluetooth speakers are always ready to provide it to you.

Wireless Computer Speakers – Why You Need Them

If you have purchased your laptop in the last five years, you can safely go ahead and read this piece about wireless computer speakers. That is because to work them your laptop needs to be empowered with Bluetooth. Of course, you could also attach them with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) dongle but the reality is that the good speakers operate with Bluetooth. That is just one of the features of this new age audio interface. Read on to know more features and why you should probably own a pair.

You can ask yourself why you would need external speakers when you already have in-built ones, the sound from which can be accessed through headphones for better listening. The fact is, most laptops are fitted with speakers that are not powerful enough or are not high on clarity. It makes for a good investment to buy external speakers since they can be used for a number of situations and tasks.

What must one look out for when purchasing these Hi-Fi, futuristic speakers? Firstly, the price. The higher the price, obviously the better the brand and features you will get with it. If you are on a budget, you will just manage to get speakers that will give you the basics: good sound, volume adjustment and a manageable range of frequency.

If price is not an issue, and it really should not be since opting for external speakers will be beneficial, it is time to look at the features. Being WIRELESS, it would not make sense to buy speakers that would need to be plugged into an electrical outlet for operation; so, go in for the battery operated ones. In the truest sense, you will be able to place them just about anywhere you want since they are actually wire free!

Good cordless speakers will make use the Bluetooth connection on your laptop since that is the best way of transmitting information back and forth. A USB port might not be too reliable. Talking of information exchange, you will also have to ensure that the range frequency is good and that it can be operated not only from a good distance but also through walls or anything coming between the laptop and the speakers.

This means that you will want a speaker with a strong transmitter. The transmitter should also be able to give you the option of operating on a frequency that does not interfere with other wireless networks or gizmos around the same space. Quality speakers usually do offer multiple frequency tuning options so you need not worry, now that you have decided to go in for a quality product.

Now, here is the catch. You may not be able to purchase speakers in pairs since most companies sell them in single pieces. Which means you will have to purchase two pieces and PAIR them up!




Enjoy the Live Watching Of TV Channels by Adding Jadoo

Jadoo TV is a kind of television programming which you can purchase from the market. In order to get pleasure from the jadoo TV, you are required to purchase a Jadoo TV Box and then subscribe to jadoo TV. There are several channels available on the Jadoo TV. The best channels will depend on the packages which you subscribe to. Further, you have to need an internet connection with the aim to employ the Jadoo TV. You can also enjoy your local channels through the Jadoo TV. You can connect the Jadoo TV Box to your television by employing either a cable connection or a wireless network. Make sure that your broad band connection should have the speed 2 Mbps.

Essential gadgets of Jadoo TV Box:

The installation process of the Jadoo TV Box is really trouble free and it takes only ten minutes to implement. The original package of the jadoo TV comprises of Jadoo TV Box, a remote, USB wireless adapter, HDMI cable, power cable and also an audio video cable. The jadoo television system has duo USM ports. Among the two, one is utilized for the purpose of USB wireless adaptor and another is for exploring files from the memory stick. This television device enables the user to view their multimedia files from the personal computer which is connected to the similar network. Of course, you will obviously enjoy watching movies or photos frankly on the charitable screen of your television rather than on the PC. You will able to get all your desired apps via the Jadoo TV.

Entertain with social networking:

In these days, the new generation of Jadoo TV arrives with jadoo application market. As well, there are also many fruitful applications which are waiting to be implemented openly on the Jadoo TV Box and so you can get access to your social networking applications in which you can share your personal stuffs along with your friends and relatives. Moreover, the user can get pleasure in enjoying the live TV by means of addition my jadoo which is an application employed to enable you to observe television channels from all around the globe. Overall, Jadoo TV Box is a worthy possession to everyone who is passionate about watching the high quality sound and picture TV.

5 Ideas For Bluetooth on the iPhone

Has anyone looked at their bluetooth and wondered why Apple incorporated it into the iPhone? In my opinion it seems pretty standard to do these days as every handset adopts it, however i have never ever used it on my iPhone. It simply doesn’t have any function in the iPhone OS. The most it can do is pair a handset and that is about it. Well here is a list of 5 features I reckon that Apple and developers ought to incorporated in the iPhone and its functions.

1. The transfer of videos, applications and music from iTunes to the iPhone. I realize there may be many issues but i wonder if it was possible to do that. I find myself sometimes in a rush and just want to transfer the app across quickly without having to though my draw and find the sync cable.

2. Use bluetooth to connect a sort of controller to the iPhone unit. I realize many games may not be able to use it however it their start to build add-ons like these, they can greatly increase the amount of buttons available which would make the gaming experience so much better.

3. Use bluetooth to connect the iPhone wirelessly to a set of speakers. Ok! Maybe this is not to best idea when it comes to docking it for the night as would would have to connect it up and charge it. The benefit lies in when you walk in the door and want to play music. Simply just play from the iPhone as it instantly recognizes your bluetooth wireless speakers. It would be great as you walked through different rooms and speakers in each room could pick up on the bluetooth transmission from the iPhone.

4. It would be great if the iPhone was a wireless USB Drive. It is due to applications such as “air sharing,” however it is quite cumbersome when you connect it. You have to open up the program and then open the desktop app that will connect it. However if Apple make it more natural to use and incorporate it in seamlessly then it would be a very useful feature. When your near your desktop computer your Mac can ask you whether you want to connect or not.

5. Wouldn’t if you could connect between iPhones and play multiplayer mode. It would be totally awesome In fact Apple does this already with their Texas Hold’em, but over wifi. While this works if you are on the go there may not be a wifi network and then you get into bother. It would also be great to trade contacts instead of having to type them into a friends mobile phone. Digital card games could also make use of this to trade items.